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Justin Berger

President / COO

Justin enjoys building moss walls, watching old Betty Boop cartoons, listening to Klezmer music, and talking to Taxidermy. In his spare time he watches nature documentaries, paints, writes dark fairy tales, and builds music boxes.

Matt McMaster

Social Media Guru

Matt obsesses over contact lens styles. He's partial to all things convex, and assumes that people know the difference between multifocal and monovision. He relates mostly to amphibians, and hopes to someday make the plunge and become an arthropod. Saxophones.

Nick DeMarco

Marketing Assistant

Nick likes to play sprots. He's dyslexic, so Justin had to finish writing this bio. He wears a size 17 shoe, but only on his right foot, which makes dating sort of difficult. His favorite tea is brown.

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